Jordi Biendicho is a painter and audiovisual creator.

He was born in Tarragona in 1966.

Tarragona is a small city close to Barcelona.

A young Picasso and Miró painted Tarragona landscapes at the beginning of the 20th century.

Tarragona has a Roman historical past and currently houses one of the largest petrochemical

Complexes in Europe.

"I think that has marked my creation right from the beginning; a place where two opposing

worlds survive and which also appear in my works in some way, a permanent struggle of

opposite poles ... "

In his youth at high school, he co-created and participated in a pop/rock group for years.

Music has always been a reference in all his work.


Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona.

Jordi specialized in audiovisuals at the Fine Arts university.

Influences and characteristics

The study and admiration for the Artistic Vanguards that revolutionized Western art.

The use of the non-realistic figurative image in his paintings.

The narrative themes of the painting are an essential part of his work.

The use of color as a primary element.

Current and historical issues are part of his work.


In the mid-90s he performed his first solo exhibition of large-format painting in Tarragona

organized by the University of Tarragona.

It was the beginning of a trajectory of individual pictorial exhibitions in Tarragona and


Jordi has been nominated in various national painting events.

Jordi develops audiovisual production in the form of hybrid projects in which motion picture

film and media support are merged.

Through painting he meets the film director Bigas Luna with whom he co-writes a screenplay

for a feature film.

Jordi participated a digital cinema workshop with the film director Bigas Luna.

Jordi held several exhibitions showing his pictorial and videographic work late in the 2000s.

Soundtracks for his video creations are also created by him.

The theme of his videos slightly differs from his pictorial work and it focuses more on the

landscape, using rhythmic games of editing and color alteration.

"Editing video art is like painting with the tools of videographic editing. The elaboration

process has a connection point with my painting ".

- Selected in the festival of international video "Punto y raya festival" celebrated in Museum Reina Sofia of Madrid in 2011, and 2016 (Germany).

- Selected in the international sample MADATAC of video art in Madrid. 2012 and 2014.


He currently lives and creates in Barcelona.

2020/2021: Production of the short film "Green tea". A work inspired by the homonymous work of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu.

Production of a musical video for the artist Michele Mercure.


He is currently working in merging pictorial and videographic languages.

Storytelling as learning engine for the youths.

Photos by Anna Biendicho
Photos by Anna Biendicho